WTI World – Interact with our CEO’s pic in the Business Matters Article

Tarun Sainani, CEO of WTInfotech was featured on the September-October 2012 edition of Business Matters. Business Matters is a business publication by Lancaster’s Chamber of Commerce to serve its readers by providing interesting news about businesses in the Lancaster district.

This was no ordinary interview with the CEO about Augmented Reality but a way of introducing and explaining Augmented Reality in a simpler way to the readers.

Download our mobile app WTI World available on iOS and Android scan the pic above and see it come to life – a talking through the smartphone.

The Junaio channel “WT InfoTech” provides the same experience. The article also mentions other interesting AR examples for Lancaster locals were given on this article. For example, the reader can actually view 360 degrees panoramic views of Ashton Memorial through the Junaio channel ‘Ashton Memorial’.

For more information read the entire article “Just My Imagination” on page 12 featured in Business Matters here